About Me

“Cruncheez” was originally designed to be a personal blog.To share personal experiences with the world was the main purpose behind “Cruncheez”.It was even formerly known as “DoomZdiary”.With new experiences,new ideas began to flourish and as a part of that development “Cruncheez” came into existence.

Ehsanul Haque (2)

“Cruncheez” now serves to deliver quality contents to its visitors.The project “Live Telecast of Dragon Ball Super” has been a complete success so far.Along with it “Cruncheez” is gaining popularity at a faster rate delivering technology updates and free PDF versions of books which are hard to find.

Plus i love to work on Solidworks. I feel passionate about drawing 3D models and i am very dedicated working on it. I will share some of my favourite works below.(Don’t forget to comment below :V )

In the near future you will be seeing “Cruncheez” in a wider scale delivering a lot more of services.As part of the plan “Cruncheez” will soon upgrade to its own domain name.Dividing responsibilities among a skilled group of members is another major plan for “Cruncheez”.


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