How to Change Units in Solidworks?

The first thing you have to do is open Solidworks application and start a new document. Solidworks will launch with default units(Inch). Throughout your 2D & 3D modeling career you will encounter working with several units. There are two ways of changing units in Solidworks. I will guide you to learn both ways of changing unit.

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Process 1:

Go to Tools>Options>Document Properties>Units

Can’t find Units yet? Don’t worry I will guide you through the entire process.

Firstly, locate tools on the upper ribbon by placing your mouse cursor on the Solidworks logo placed on the top left corner.

You might have to scroll down by clicking on the arrow indicating downwards direction. After you have located Options, simply click on it.

If you have done everything right, you will be seeing this page. Click on the ‘Document Properties’ placed next to system options on the top.

Next, click on the Units highlighted in blue color. As you can see there are five options available namely MKS, CGS, MMGS, IPS, and custom.

Select the desired unit and click okay.  These should select the desired unit to default i.e. every time you start Solidworks, it will open with the default units. Now, I will be guiding you to change the units through another method.

Process 2:

The later process is very easy and I like to call it as shortcut. It gives me much more flexibility and control over the drawing and I can change back and forth to any units at any time throughout the modeling.

On the lower right corner of Solidworks you will find MMGS, MKS, CGS, and IPS. It will show the default unit. Simply click on it and a tab will pop up on the lower right corner and you will find the above feature. Now, select the desired unit and start working.

When using the later process, you have to keep in mind that Solidworks will switch back to default units after closing the application. Therefore, if you are looking to change the default unit then you have follow the first step.

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