Introduction to Ergonomics by R.S. Bridger

Click Here to Download:Introduction to Ergonomics by R.S. Bridger


  • Describes the fundamental principles and key applications of ergonomics
  • Discusses topics such as office work, repetitive work, physiological methods, human-computer interaction, human error, safety, fatigue, and stress
  • Emphasizes implementable skills and principles such as the NIOSH lifting equation, RASH predictions, DSE and manual handling evaluations
  • Provides cost-effectiveness analysis to help practitioners make the case for company investment in ergonomics


When faced with productivity problems in the workplace, engineers might call for better machines, and management might call for better-trained people, but ergonomists call for a better interface and better interaction between the user and the machine.

Introduction to Ergonomics, 2nd Edition, provides a comprehensive introduction to ergonomics as the study of the relationship between people and their working environment. The author presents evidence from field trials, studies and experiments that demonstrate the value of ergonomics in making the workplace safer, more error resistant, and compatible with users’ characteristics and psychological and social needs. Evidence for the effectiveness of each topic is incorporated throughout the book as well, which helps practitioners to make the case for company investment in ergonomics. In addition, the author outlines international standards for ergonomics that influence engineering and design and pave the way for a more precise form of practice.

Extensively revised and updated, this second edition explains the main areas of application, the science that underpins these applications, and demonstrates the cost-effectiveness of implementing the applications in a wide variety of work settings.


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