Leading Multinational Companies in Bangladesh

What do you mean by Multinational Company?

A multinational company is a business that has business activities in more than one country.They generally have a headquarter in their home country that centralizes the management of their global facilities.

Today’s international markets are almost unavoidable even for smaller companies.There are over 40,000 multinational corporations in operation. Due to their large size, they are able to influence governments and global trade. They face both criticism and praise due to their ability to impact employment opportunities. As global competition has intensified they have moved jobs from their home countries to developing countries in order to achieve cost savings.

Ownership Criterion:

A business becomes multinational when the headquarter is owned by more than one country.For example, Grameenphone Ltd. is the best example.It is a joint venture between Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation, a non-profit sister concern of the microfinance organization and community development bank Grameen Bank. Telenor, the largest telecommunications company in Norway, owns a 55.8% share of Grameenphone, Grameen Telecom owns 34.2% and the remaining 10% is publicly held.

Thus, ownership does not really matter.

According to Franklin Root(1994), an MNC is a parent company that

  • Engages in foreign production through its affiliates located in several countries.
  • Exercises direct control over the policies of its affiliates.
  • Implements transitional business strategies in production, marketing, finance and staffing in a way that transcend national boundaries.

British American Tobacco(BAT):

British American Tobacco is one of the world’s leading multinational companies, selling more than 200 brands in over 200 markets.

History of British American Tobacco in Bangladesh:

About 100 years ago British American Tobacco started their journey in Bangladesh. Previously it was known as Bangladesh Tobacco Company limited. In 1998 the company renamed itself to British American Tobacco Bangladesh Company Ltd and started operating around the country.

In Bangladesh, British American Tobacco Bangladesh has more than 1,200 people as direct employees and more than 50,000 people as indirect employees.British American Tobacco Bangladesh’s motto is “success and responsibility go together”. Shehzad Munim is the current Managing Director of BATB. He is serving as the first ever Bangladeshi MD in the history of BATB.

BATB offers promising career opportunities.Search for openings in BATB .

Download Contact info of BATB:BATB Contact info


Click on the image to subscribe to BAT on Youtube



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