Solidworks Simulation Fix for Windows 10

Windows 10 is already launched and millions of users have already switched to it.The performance and features is amazing but we all know Windows 10 is full of bugs.The good news is Microsoft has been making and releasing continuous update and fixed lot of bugs already.

When I updated my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10,I had to face many troubles and bugs but it has been already a year since then.I have used Solidworks on Windows 10 on numerable occasions and it worked pretty smoothly.

Last week I had to complete a report on Stress Analysis.When I tried to locate Soliworks Simulation, I found that it was not installed.So I reinstalled it and I was amazed to find that Solidworks Simulation was still not installed.I tried to reach out on different websites for help but couldn’t find any.When I discussed about the problem I was facing I learned that all Windows 10 users were facing similar issue.

Play Video

Finally I was able to locate the culprit behind the problem.And after that I have been able to use Solidworks Simulation on Windows perfectly.

Check out this Video and follow step by step.Let me emphasize that,you have to do exactly everything shown in this video.

Solidworks Simulation doesn’t run on Windows 10?


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