Dell XPS 13 review

What is Dell XPS 13?

Dell XPS 13 is worth taking a look at.When it first launched in 2015,I couldn’t think of any other laptop.Since then Dell has made several update to this amazing laptop.

Amazing Design…

The latest Dell XPS 13 rivals the Apple’s Macbook has a metal frame and compact 304 x 200 x 15mm dimensions makes it look flawless.Open up the lid, and you’re greeted by a nearly bezel-less display, giving you 13.3 inches of screen real estate, while the laptop itself has a footprint of 11.9 inches. The screen-to-body ratio will also tickle your fancy, as the display covers 80% of the panel. Compared to the 13-inch MacBook Air, the XPS 13 has you looking at smaller black borders and 11% more screen real estate.

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“World’s smallest 13-inch laptop”.-Dell

Up to Date Features…

Dell’s done a decent job of taking advantage of what little surface real estate the XPS 13 offers and has loaded it with a reasonable selection of ports. Along its right and left sides you’ll find two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI, headphones socket, Noble Lock slot, SD card reader and Dell Thunderbolt 3 connector.
Cozy & Compact…

In order to make the XPS 13 as small as it is, Dell relocated the webcam to the lower left edge of the bezel. From this position, the camera captures your face from the chin up with a worm’s-eye perspective. Not only is the angle unflattering, your nose hairs will be in full view of your virtual correspondents, and you’ll terrify them with your massive hand if you try typing during the call.

Secondly, because the screen goes all the way to the top edges of the device, there isn’t any room for your fingers to grab the top panel without pressing directly on the screen. The base of the laptop doesn’t even include a little lip for you to slip your finger underneath. Instead, the whole device folds into one seamless block that’s looks very clean but it’s an absolute pain to open as your run your fingers along the perimeter of it, looking for someplace to pry it open.


The XPS 13 performed well during my standard set of benchmark tests. The laptop ran in with a 6242 multi-core score on Geekbench. On the GPU-focused 3DMark Cloud Gate benchmark the XPS 13 scored 5844.

The scores are a step up from Dell’s earlier XPS 13, which scored 5618 on Geekbench and 4835 on Cloud Gate. However, the scores put the XPS slightly below Microsoft’s stellar Surface Pro 4. The i5 version of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 scored 6727 on Geekbench and 6019 on Cloud Gate.

The XPS 13 is more than powerful enough for most users. Apps opened instantly and the XPS 13 ran most productivity apps, like Office 365, without issue. Gaming isn’t its strong suite, as is the case on all laptops with Intel HD Graphics. But the XPS 13 still proved capable of playing moderately demanding titles such as Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion – so long as the graphics settings aren’t cranked.

Where can I find it?

Computer Source(Bangladesh)

Watch it on Youtube



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