Hard Disk – (3F0) BootDevice not found” Error Message{SOLVED!}

In the beginning of 2016,my friend dropped his HP Probook off the study table.And when he brought it to me,the laptop got power fine but it showed a error message after booting.

The error message was something similar to this

“Boot device not found.Please install an operating system in your hard disk.

Hard disk(3F0)”

Hard disk (3F0) error may show up due 3 reasons.

1. Bad hard drive or partition structure, erase the entire hard drive then use HP recovery discs to attempt reinstall of the OS and all partitions.

2. Bad hard drive data cable that connects it to the motherboard, replace the cable

3. Bad sata controller on the motherboard replaces the motherboard or laptop.

Due to heavy knocking on the floor,the hard disk came into bad contact with the motherboard.If that’s the case,just open up the back cover slowly and remove the hard disk,and then put it back together.That should do the trick!

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