Bugs in Windows 10

Windows 10 is,without a question,have a class of it’s own.Microsoft’s new OS makes sense on both desktop and tablet.Every application has bugs,and Windows 10 is no different to them.Even Microsoft acknowledges the fact,Windows 10 was released in a hurry.The era of service pack has ended,instead of releasing fixes to a large amount of bugs,Microsoft has decided to keep working on them continuously.

Windows 10 have already released several updates.Many users have upgraded to Windows 10,without having any problem.But for some,the experience haven’t been so smooth.Several bugs have been reported,and Microsoft acknowledges them.Windows 10 is continuously working on them,and releasing fixes.

Top worst bugs in Windows 10,which are limiting it’s abilities.

1.Battery Life:
Battery life is usually an issue whenever there’s a new OS update in town, but this doesn’t seem to have been a huge problem with Windows 10. If you are seeing faster drains on your hardware, check with the manufacturer to see if there’s a firmware or driver fix available that better optimizes the hardware to match the demands of Windows 10.

Battery may drain faster due to Windows updates.

2.Default apps:

One of the issues we’ve seen with our own eyes is Windows 10 removing the default file associations that we painstakingly put in place in Windows 8.1, so double-clicking on a picture file opens up Windows’ own image application rather than something a lot more useful. This seems to happen even if you tell the upgrade installer to leave them alone.


Sound issues are the worst in Windows 10.Watching videos on Youtube,and suddenly the sound goes out.Your settings and devices seems to be working fine,but there’s no sound.There’s some temporary fixes to sound issues,but the problem still continues.Exclusive control in the sound properties is the feature to be blamed for this issue.


Another issue which is a little troublesome,the keypad seems to freeze,while you are working on your browser.Unless you close the browser and reopen it,the issue remains intact.

5.Guest Account:

The beauty of user accounts, on any kind of computer, is that they let each person sign in to a private, secure world. You don’t see anyone else’s stuff, and they don’t see yours.

The Guest account — pretty standard in computers these days — is ideal for when someone’s just visiting you temporarily, so you don’t have to set up a whole big regular account.

In Windows 10 the Guest account is turned off by default. To turn it on, type lusrmgr.msc in the search box. In the results, choose “lusrmgr.msc.” The window shown here appears. Choose Users (left column). Double-click Guest (middle column). In the resulting dialog box, type a name (“Guest” works fine), turn off “Account is disabled,” and click OK.


Other issues we’ve had first-hand experience of relate to trackpads, which isn’t altogether unexpected: The delicate calibration of this input device is always likely to get thrown off by a major OS update. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do until your laptop maker or Microsoft gets around to issuing a patch.


The whole OS freezes when something is uploaded.The issues remains intact for a couple of minutes.Of all the bugs mentioned above,this one sure irritates me a lot.

There are still more bugs in Windows 10.Different users have been complaining about different bugs.There are temporary fixes to these bugs,but for the rest of us,we have to wait for the engineers to solve the problems.


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