Let’s have a look at what you haven’t discovered yet in Windows 10

Windows 10 is a brand new OS for most of us.So,there are lot of hidden feature which most of us haven’t figured it out yet.Cruncheez is going to unlock 6 of those feature,right now.

Windows 10 is designed for all kind’s of devices.Small tablet’s,large tablet’s,desktop,laptop’s,and everything in between.

The Outlook email application that we all love,doesn’t actually pop up nor play’s a sound when your email get’s notification.Notification will show up in the action center,but you won’t receive a pop up.That’s actually a problem isn’t it? Don’t worry,just go to mail application,and click “switch to setting” at the lower left corner,and click “Option”.Scroll down,and turn on “Play a sound” and “Show a notification banner”.This should do the trick.

Windows 10 bring’s back the classical start menu,with new featured installed in it.Now you can re-size the start menu,pin,and unpin.It has quick link’s to your app’s,setting’s,and your most used apps.On the right side,you will find a section,whereyou can add new pin’s by simply dragging them,or unpin them.You can make the start menu yours!

The new Start Menu in Windows 10

Cortana app is one of my favorite.Cortana is like a personal assistance,which will help you find thing’s on your PC faster.You could look for apps on your device,or you can search something on the web,simply by typing in the cortana app.To get the best out of Cortana,you would have to sign in with your Microsoft email account,and if you don’t have one,you can just sign one up easily!

The new Cortana app

Windows 10 is not only just cool,but also it is very productive.Check out the action center(Hold Win key+A),and you can be more productive while saving time.

You must have already noticed the new integrated browser with Windows 10,Microsoft Edge.Edge is more faster than Internet Explorer,which was the previous integrated browser on previous versions of Windows.Edge not only just browse faster,it also support’s pdf,yes it you can e-books on pdf.

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

Does your Windows 10 get stuck,after downloading a image? Cruncheez will feature Bug’s,and it’s solution in Windows 10.

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