YSHMA:Here to help you customize your own t-shirt

It’s hard to say when the British World War II slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On” began it’s ascent in pop culture lexicon.But over the year’s designers have added variation on that theme,and turned it into fashion statement’s:”Keep Calm and Smoke Weed” and hundred’s more.


However unorthodox your fashion,YSHMA has a design for you,or if it doesn’t,it will help make you the shirt you want.YSHMA add’s color to your event,it unite’s a group of under a common cause.The company has a vision of uniting Bangladesh,with the power of customized t-shirt’s.

The business function’s in an uncomplicated form,


“You just have to select a product from their website,or send your customized design through their facebook page.The order will be sent to YSHMA factory,where it will be printed,packed,and shipped.And the significant fact is you can pay easily through bkash,or DBBL”

Whether it is rag day,re-union,festive day,or picnic,YSHMA can uplift your event and transform it into a momentous event.

YSHMA is looking for School,College,and University correspondent’s.You can just promote YSHMA and make profit!


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