Jetechao:The first event portal in Bangladesh

Young entrepreneur’s of the country deserves a big round of applause for their dedication and hard work,with new startup’s like Chorki,Pathao,Jetechao,AMAL reaching new height’s.The young entrepreneurs seem’s to have found the missing links,what other’s have been trying to figure out for a while.

Jetechao is an event listing website,hosting all the event’s taking place in Dhaka.You are on a vacation,but cannot decide where to go.That has been the case for most people,living in Dhaka.The traffic in Dhaka being intolerable for some time,it’s easy to get your brain racked.This is where Jetechao stepped up to the plate,combining all event’s under a single banner and delivering it to the general mass through a single portal,which is Jetechao.

From the huge diversity of event’s,you can choose the event,you want to visit.Jetechao have done all of the hard work for you,now you just have to visit their website,all the event’s happening in Dhaka is assembled directly under their homepage.

The mastermind behind Jetechao are two young entrepreneur Mehnaz Tabassum,leading the company as it’s founder,and her friend Reem Shamsuddoha as the co-founder.


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