400 Years of Slavery

Juju Films

Image credit ZKBlast.com Image credit ZKBlast.com

American history books will have you believe the American Civil was fought to free African slaves. That is to say the American Slave Industry, Abraham Lincoln, a self admitted racist and the U.S. Supreme Court which ruled Dred Scott as “property” with no human rights to sue for his freedom collectively became enlightened to the evils of slavery considering slaves were 70% of the American GDP. What sense does it make to murder millions of native people for their land and free the slave labor acquired to work it.

American history books tells you Christopher Columbus discovered America when in fact the whole world knows it is a lie. Pictures of Slave owning Presidents adorn all denominations of American currency simultaneously equating God to Money.

The truth is the civil war was a power show between the North and South for control of the American Slave Industry…

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