Samsung Note 3 is not charging?||Doesn’t Charge after 17%?{Solved}

Is your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 not charging? Don’t panic – there might be an easy fix for that. Chances are your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 isn’t charging because dirt, dust, and/or lint has built up in the USB charging port. When that happens, the metal connectors that conduct electricity needed to charge can’t make a solid connection with your charger, and your smartphone won’t charge. Of course, you also want to make sure your charger isn’t the culprit. Here’s the easy way to fix the USB charging port on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

What you need to fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 USB charging port

New, clean, dry toothbrush
Small, clean pin or needle

How to fix the USB charging port on your Galaxy Note 3

1. Take off the back cover of your Galaxy Note 3 and remove the battery

2. Gently insert a pin into the port, then scrape it up the inside walls to pull out lint and other debris

3. Repeat until you’ve removed all lint and debris

4. Very gently insert the toothbrush bristles into the charging port, and softly brush

5. Plug your charger in to see if your Galaxy Note 3 begins to charge; if it does, then you’re done

6. If your Galaxy Note 3 does not charge, try again; there could be more dirt or debris blocking the connection

Hope this helps you.It works for many users and saves a lot of money out of your pocket.


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