You get to Know ME||And I get to know YOU:Connect!

Hellow Everybody! Myself is Ehsanul Haque.I have been raised in a small town in Bangladesh.Throughout my school life i have been a versatile writer and most of all a versatile think which actually enables me to grab the attention of others.Now i am doing B.Sc on Production Engineering in the capital of Bangladesh.Living my life i realized that i should use my quality,to connect with people,to socialize with the world,make friends and write what is in my mind,heart,soul and brain.

With that being said,i love to travel,see new places,make new friends and i have never settled in.I let myself flow in the current of time.The most tragic part of my life is,my father passed away this month in the 5th.May Almighty Allah grant him Jannat.I never actually told my father what he meant to me but he knew it all along,so i guess i didn’t told him that.He always used to say to me ‘Never be afraid of anything or anyone,fear only the Almighty Allah‘.I love you father!

I started to blog a couple of week ago,to be honest in the last of December last week.Blogging actually lets people develop their skills which may include writing skills,connecting with others,make new friends.In overall it lets a oneself come out of their cocoons and see the world with their flying wings.And that’s why i am here.In just a couple of weeks i have learned a lot and thanx to wordpress.Wordpress with his versatile themes has let me built a beautiful blog named IAMEHSANULHAQUE absolutely free and i look forward to invest more time to the blog,to my friends who read my writings and make new friends along the way.Stay in touch my friend….

Thankyou for Reading.Lots of Love


4 thoughts on “You get to Know ME||And I get to know YOU:Connect!

  1. hello again! 😀 I believe the power of talking and sharing ideas, not condemning the next for thinking differently. And also believe in cience and I don’t believe in any religion.

    that being said I like and explore and try to understand the reasons why humans created religion. And what religions have done to their cultures, to the mind of the people.

    For what I have seen in the news, you belog to a religion which doesn’t understand much about diferent cultures or kinds of views. So if my words in an way offend you. Keep in mind I am from a practicing Catholic father and mother atheist, where religion is a subject like politics or money, we talked and make question about all gods and kind of followers.
    If this ideas are too strange for you, fell free to block me or ask me to leave. because I also believe you have a place here in this world as I also have that place on this world.
    and what the use of the mind if not question in all subject the reason , why?


    1. Well i must say your knowledge on Islam is poor and by that i mean very poor.You cannot judge Islam on the basis of what the media is broadcasting for a decade,or by a group(Al Qaeda or others).Someday my friend we will talk about it in brief.

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      1. Probably the problem is lack of communication, dialogue Deads, aggressive talk never do much for dialogue for communication. I confess I only know Islam from a occidental point of view, which is a very machist view. But for what I learned Islam as religion never seamed interested of sharing view, and also has a machist view. So there is the why things keep happening the way they happen. People need to grow inside, and the worst fight you can have is your inside fight. I like to learn so I find interesting to see Islam view, but is it possible to question with all the means that human beings have to communicate and create a reflection without see things like without seeing these questions and reflections as personal attacks, but as weighting points so that there is a mental and human evolution to an improvement and knowledge of inner well-being of each person.


  2. Its worth appreciation that you love to learn.To be honest your foundation of vocabulary is stronger than mine and I respect that.
    Islam is a religion of peace,it always have been.I prefer you read The Holy Quran and get a good knowledge on Islam.With that being said,let me ask you a question ‘Do you love your family? What will you do when you and your family find yourself humiliated?’ Most of us will fight.
    Similarly,We Muslims love our creator The Almighty Allah.And it is our duty to stand ground when there comes a threat to our religion.The recent attack on Paris to be noted had a reason,the news magazine published cartoon which is rated-restricted and it is insulting.Islam doesn’t encourage cartoons and when people insults our religion with that very thing its like water over our heads.
    As humans we should show respect to all religions.We shouldn’t hurt others faith,belief.We Muslims dont encourage casualties,violence and other sorts of inhuman activities.Islam doesn’t teach us to attack others belief and faith.Read the Holy Quran and be sure it will change the view of yours towards Islam.


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