Greatest feud of all Time…

In pro wrestling, feuds are about as common as grass is green. The concept is as simple as it gets; you have a good guy (the face), and you have a bad guy (the heel). The heel normally does something bad to the face, sparking a feud in the process.

Sound simple?

Well, it is. But, it isn’t a thing that all can pull off. No, especially when just about everything has been done in the past.

So, when great feuds come, it is something special.

In the summer of 2008, a rejuvenated Chris Jericho sent the living legend, Shawn Michaels (Ok, just his head) through his JeriTron 5000.

This sparked what Chris Jericho called his greatest feud of all-time, and arguably one of the best ever. Period.

Shawn Michaels agrees; here is what he had to say on the Right After Wrestling radio show on the Score regarding the feud:

 “He (Chris) was talking about it while we were doing it,” Michaels said. “He kept saying, ‘Geez, they need to make a DVD on this.’ The thing is we love working with each other. We’re very similar in our creative process—and we’re two guys who push each other and challenge each other and love every second of it. 

“And I think the greatest thing about that rivalry was that nobody had a game plan. It was something that just sort of came about and each week we (Chris and I) just sort of got together and would just do this process—he and I spent countless of hours in the writers office with ideas. I don’t know if you can hear it in our voices—but we just really enjoyed working with each other.” 


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