All Lights we cannot see….

Sam was once lost in a ocean with his friend David when their ship sunk in a thunderstorm.The storm was so fierce that few managed to survive.David and Sam were those of the survivors.As far as the eyes could get there  was only water all around with no land in sight.That night was a very long night for David and Sam as they hold off each other with no signs of land or food or drinking water.

The next morning when Sam opened his eyes he saw a island in the middle of the Ocean.He began to call his friend David.Both of them rushed towards the island.With urging waves and breezing air they swimmed with every bit of energy left, to the island.

When they reached the island they were so happy as they have got a new life,a new beginning.The island was covered with trees,bushes and there was a volcano at the middle of the island which was active.They found coconuts and fruits all across the island and ate them for gaining energy.

Days…weeks…. and a couple of months passed.Two of the friends have adjusted with the critical situation they were stumbled upon.One night laying on the sands David was looking at the sky and wondering to himself about his friends,family and his cherished moments of his life.Suddenly Sam came running………

                                                                                     End of Part:1
Hi! This is Ehsan.If you liked the first part of ‘All Lights we cannot see….’ please follow review a comment below or share the story.Thankyou! Have a nice day..


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