Learning the C programming…

The secret of programming has always been versatility.With different ideas and logic varying vastly among programmers anybody may find it difficult to match their codes with others.The newcomers find it difficult to understand the core point of coding and find themselves frustrated.

Attitude and personality varies among everybody and it also implies to the logic.Everybody has their own angle of thinking and their own method of applying them.So if you are a beginner in coding and you are frustrated because you keep failing to finish the job,i would recommend you to calm down,take a breathe and focus on your basic knowledge of programming.To perfect programming you need to master the basics.So if your basics isn’t good,you wont be able to make a program run correctly.

Logic makes maths possible.Without reasoning the maths is of no use.There are many coding where you will find maths.Is maths just a 10 based arithmetic? Maths and logic are inseparable.Math focuses on to develop logic and without logic there is no maths.


In a programming class you are going to find 3-types of people:

.Students who can run most of the coding.

.Students whose basics are well but most of the time they fail to complete the code and successfully run it.

.Students who give up and say ‘Coding is not for me!’

To be honest you can find these 3-types of student in every classroom.So,you fall in to which category?

“Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.”

If you belong to the last two categories of students then don’t be worried because everybody doesn’t like coding.Its all about passion and dedication.You can have passion for Hardwares or IT and a lot more becase Computer Science provides a versatile range of field which you can master.But you have to hold on to coding and make sure you gain as much as knowledge you can from this field because its important.Without coding there wont be Games,Softwares and others.Coding is the heart and soul of Computer Science.

If you liked my writing please leave a comment below as it is important for me to know,how i am connecting with you.Thank You for reading.


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