Is Chris Jericho all talk?

Chris Jericho one of the best wrestlers of all time who cemented his career in the early 20’s has been running short WWE returns in the last 2years.According to Chris Jericho himself,he doesn’t have to prove himself to anybody else.He is absolutely right and he can stand shoulder to shoulder with every superstar in the business and unlike many superstars,Y2J can make every match interesting;from WWE Legends to the Rookies.Chris Jericho has versatile wrestling skills as well in voice power.He is one of the best superstar with the mic-skill and he can grab the attention of the WWE Universe everytime he hold a microphone.From lines ‘Raw is Jericho!’ to ‘I am the Best in the World at what i do’ he is the best!
He is the first ever Undisputed Champion,6time World Champion,9times Intercontinental Champion and more.One of the most decorated superstars of all time,so he has the reason to boast and say what he wants to say.With a skill like that over the microphone why wont he talk? Everybody doesnt have a skill like that and thats the fact we have to accept.

He is multi-talented figure with hosting ‘Talk is Jericho’,Lead singer of ‘FOZZY’,WWE,Dancing with the stars,But I am Chris Jericho! What does this man cant do!? With a attitude and personality so great he is indeed

‘The best in the World at everything he does!!’


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