Odd Unions:Chris Jericho and The Rock

Since the very day Chris Jericho made his debut in WWE against The Great One,the two has been bitter rivals for years.Chris Jericho came to the WWE to Save Us from the mediocre superstars and to save the WWE.There’s no doubt of the capability of Y2J both in the Squared Ring or with the Mic.

The Rock,The Peoples champ was always one step ahead of every superstar with the mic but with Chris Jericho in the roster it was a hard challenge for Rock as Y2J continued to insult every superstar with his Hilarious quotes and funny jokes.

Chris Jericho became the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion in history by defeating both Rock and Stone Cold.Chris Jericho and The Rock made some Odd unions together by winning the WWF Tag Team Championship.

Even when The Alliance invaded WWE,The Rock and Chris Jericho were unified with 3 other superstars.After Chris Jericho was eliminated by Chris Jericho,Y2J delivered a Rock Bottom to the Rock on Survivor Series 2001 which was 10man elimination tag match.


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