Herzberg’s Theory

Frederick Herzberg established two factors that distinguishes dissatisfier from satisfier. The factors that results to satisfaction are Satisfier. The factors that results to dissatisfaction are Dissatisfier. Removing dissatisfier is not alone enough to motivate a customer to buy the product. For example, a laptop that comes with a warranty but doesn’t have much features to … More Herzberg’s Theory

Marketing Concept

Marketing concept is the strategy adopted by the management to meet customer’s need, make profits, and stay ahead of other competitors. There are 5 basic marketing concept namely, Production Concept Product Concept Selling Concept Marketing Concept Societal Marketing Concept There are three types of market and let’s discuss them one by one. Market Places: Market … More Marketing Concept

Types of Market

Consumer market model varies from Global market. With the development of technologies and rapid growth of globalization more companies are shifting towards International market. Customer market can be divided into 4 categories. We will cover each of these market below. Consumer Market: Consumer market involves products which are consumable by the customer. For example: Laptop, … More Types of Market

What is a Market?

A market is a medium/place that allows a buyer of a specific good or service to meet with a seller with specific good or service. There is a possibility of transaction to take place between the buyer and seller. The buyer must have something(money, services, or other) to successfully avail the good or service he … More What is a Market?

15 Ways How Shoplifters Steal from Retail Stores and Create Shrink!

This post originally appeared on The Retail Consultant      A Shoplifter is described as a person who lifts or steals items from a shop or store.  There are many ways people do this. Here I will teach you the most common ways thieves steal from stores.  Once you know how they shoplift the more … More 15 Ways How Shoplifters Steal from Retail Stores and Create Shrink!

Bigpage Bangladesh – A Leading Marketplace in Bangladesh

Bigpage Bangladesh is one of the leading advertising and classified website in Bangladesh.  We have also some products, which help a lot’s to Bangladesh customers to drive sales and revenue to their business. Our objectives & goals: Our main goal is to make an easy and simple marketplace, which will help BD business and individual … More Bigpage Bangladesh – A Leading Marketplace in Bangladesh